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The Beast from the East


Being from Washington, DC, we are used to bizarre weather, cold weather, random storms, and the like. We were NOT however, prepared for the UK to follow suit! Although we had plans to head up the Scottish Highlands and check out my favorite little boulder, Mother nature had other plans. We'd only meant to spend a few days in Scotland, and head back down to London, but we got delayed. The Beast from the East, as they dubbed it, stranded us in beautiful Edinburgh for 3 extra days! We were a little bummed at first, but hey, there are worst places to be stranded, and we weren't about to waste my birthday, sulking! So, we made the best of it, putzing around the city the best we could through snow and wind and literal freezing temperatures, but my goodness, you've never seen a more beautiful snow-filled city.

In true nerd fashion, we headed over to the Greyfriars Kirkyard, in search of the gravestones that inspired a few names of some of our favorites from Harry Potter. We underestimated the immense size of the grounds, and were wildly unsuccessful in finding them (you win this time, you MASSIVE graveyard) however, we DID find the grave of one John Watson! I left satisfied I'd found at least one of my favorite fictional characters (and my hedgehog's namesake - bonus points!)

Making our way back to our cozy Airbnb

Getting back into London was stressful, but we managed to survive the trip, Ben found a new love for Scotch, and we will definitely be back to try again and see the Highlands.

For those of you in warm weather (LUCKY!) enjoy it, we'll get there some day, until then - Climb on!

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