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I can't promise that there will be a set format or that I will write on a consistent basis. What I can promise though, is that my posts will always be honest, thoughtful and raw. I will talk about everything from Racial Injustice, to gender identity and equality, to my process of traveling while working remotely and what that looks like in the time of Corona. I hope you’ll all join me on this journey! - Mesa

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Hello! I'm Mesa. The little nugget you see next to me is Bear, my 14 year old Pom/chi mix, and best friend. Originally, Between Mountains was my shop page and focused on climbing gear and climbing related works. Now, I want this to be a place to focus on what it really means to be in the valleys of life, between mountains, and the journey behind getting to the mountaintop. So, there will be a shop, a blog, lots of pics of my dog, and lots of commentary on the state of the world.



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