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If you're here, you are probably (hopefully) actively engaging in one or more of the many fights that have divided and united us as a country and around the world.


Climate change is literally destroying our world, Racism is more rampant and is being called out more vehemently than it has been in years, attacks on LGBTQ+ folx have gotten bolder and more frequent, our reproductive rights are being challenged, and we are in a Pandemic the likes of which hasn't been seen in most of our lifetimes.


George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade are only the names of a SMALL NUMBER of the black women, men, and trans people who have been murdered by police in America. We are in the literal fight for our lives.

If you need learning resources, want to donate to a cause, or are looking for Black/Indigenous owned businesses to support, please click on any of the links below to get started!

If you'd like to be added to, or have suggestions for, the list below, please contact us and we'd love to check out your site! 



The Bail Project

Black Girl in Om

Breonna Taylor

Tony McDade

MUSE Science

Posh Pack

Black/Indigenous Owned

Ezy Eyes

Black Owned Search


We Are War Ready

Indigenous Owned Search

DoBetter University


Do Better University

Therapy for Black Girls

Guide to Outdoor Allyship

National Resource List

Black Owned Bookstores

Kids Resources

Juneteenth Books

for Kids

Books for Adults

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Pivo Pod & Accessories

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