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Bishop: We're All Mad Here

The views though, amiright?

The wait is finally over- The Etsy shop is finally up and running –and you can check it out HERE! We spent 5 days out in Bishop, CA at the end of 2017, product testing with the super amazing Anna and friends! We flew into Vegas and then drove 4.5 hours to get there at 3AM – guys, if you are ever getting into Bishop kinda late and don’t feel like setting up camp or just don’t feel like camping, period, you HAVE to stay at The Hostel California. They are SO rad! We booked them super last minute and not only were they super accommodating, but the room was SO nice and cozy! They are definitely catered to the hiker/climber, and even rent out crash pads for a small donation! If you’re going during the busy season, I’d definitely try to book ahead, but they will for sure accommodate you, if they can. We started out in the Happies, because duh, it’s the Happies! We all had projects we wanted to work on, Win was fixated on Serengeti, and I really wanted to hop on the Hulk again. This was Ben’s first trip out Bishop, so he pretty much wanted to touch all of the rocks, and I can’t say that I blame him. For those of you that are new to climbing or don’t climb, Bishop is a world class bouldering spot. People literally come from all over the world to climb there – including a busload (a literal busload) of climbers from France while we were there! It’s a climber’s paradise and the type of place we drool over and dream about. I mean, your climbing views are pretty damn spectacular!

I conquered my fear this trip did my first outdoor highball, a warm up V1 – it was slabby and sticky and it was the downclimb that scared me, not the climb itself! That was a great opening to Bishop for me. Ben climbed it twice, just to make sure he could psych himself out on any other highballs we encountered. It was also too cool to reach down for chalk and know that the bag I was using was my very own handy work.

So, all in all, product testing went well! We learned that I needed to tweak the string engineering and a few other small details, and boom - we were in business! So, super sorry for the late post, everyone! Our next climbing stop is in SCOTLAND, so stay tuned!



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