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Let's Climb Things!

Coopers Rock, West Virginia - the first place we ever climbed together, so you know, it's kinda special. The weather (finally) cooperated with us, despite keeping us on our toes until the very last minute. I think we partly assumed that we would get rained out, bc we forgot so many things for this trip - like So many - like we had no sleeping bags or sleeping pads or headlamps - the literal basics. We got food at the 11th hour, and we definitely got on the road hours later than we intended, so you could say we were off to a pretty epic start. After a Chik-fil-a run, a Walmart stop - bc blankets and crashpads became our solution to lack of sleeping bags - 10 stops asking about Bear, our 10 year old Pomchi (the usual "he's so cute" "how old is he?" "10??? 10 years??" "oh well he still looks like a puppy!) lots of repetition and fake laughter on my part, Ben wondering for the 100th time why he ever leaves the house with us with all the unwanted attention the pup brings, a few food stops to calm the hangry mesa monster, and after 5 hours of a 3 hour drive, yeah you read that right, we made it!

We met up with some folks from the gym, we got in a few warm up climbs and then headed back to the campsite to get a fire started and enjoy some s'mores. Not gonna lie, there's something really fun about building a fire with your man. <insert hot puns here>. Ben bought me an awesome pair of Soill Runner climbing shoes for my birthday - you guys, I've been a 5.10 girl my entire 13 year climbing career - and these babies are where it's at! No, they are not paying me to say this! It took me a while to get used to them and to get the sizing right (size UP!!!) but they work like a dream - the rubber is so sticky, my shoe pulled off my foot before pulling off the rock! Anyway, all that to say we had a pretty good climbing trip - we even found some slab to play around on! If you're not a fan of slab, you're missing out, seriously. If you don't know what slab is (sorry for all the climber talk, non-climbers!) check out Anna's insta - she's a slab master ya'll! maybe my next post will be some climbing explanations and some basic climbing techniques vids, we will see! Until next time, hope you enjoy the pics and get outdoors!


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